Parineeti Chopra on her fashion evolution: When you get famous and people start noticing you is when you get scrutinised -Exclusive! | Hindi Movie News

Parineeti Chopra was the showstopper for designer Vikram Phadnis at the Bombay Times Fashion Week opening night in Mumbai. ETimes caught up with the actress to record her reaction on the glamorous evening. While she’s no stranger to fashion shows and showstopper moments, Parineeti did confess that being on the ramp after many years made her nervous. She added, “I had butterflies in my stomach, because its been a while since we did this. We aren’t really used to seeing people walking around without masks and all. But having experienced this, it feels like I am back home. I was overseas up until a day ago, I landed in India and in 24 hours, Vikram managed to make all the clothes, finish all the fittings and we’ve even wrapped up the show. I don’t even know how this time passed us by, it was a breeze.”

Revealing about her experience of carrying Vikram Phadnis’ latest collection, she said, “I am feeling glam but so comfortable. My biggest nightmare is when clothes are uncomfortable because that shows on my face. But the moment I wore Vikram’s creation I didn’t want to wear anything else. Imagine you’re wearing a pair of shorts and closing a high-fashion show. I can’t imagine a better or easier thing to do. It’s so Indian and it’s got such a beautiful colour. I am going to steal this outfit and take it home.”

Parineeti looked sensuous and super fit on the ramp. Talking about her fitness she said, “I actually ate a lot today, I ate a paratha today, because I needed the energy. I wanted to feel comfortable and energetic so that it would show on the ramp, too. Of course, I have been regularly working on my fitness and I am glad people are noticing it and saying good things.” On the subject of associating with Vikram Phadnis, Parineeti revealed she wasn’t 100 percent confident. She said, “I was nervous before meeting Vikram. Even though Vikram has such a huge collection, from my perspective, you just have to come to the show and work with what you get. And it could end up being a collection that doesn’t suit you, or the colors don’t look good on you, so I had my fingers crossed. I was just hoping that the collection turns out to be something that sits well on me and I can carry it off. I didn’t want to embarrass Vikram or myself. But I guess, I was silly to even think like that.”

Praising Vikram Phadnis, Parineeti added, “Vikram is, who he is, for a reason. He knows fashion, he knows what looks good and what has to be done for it. We were done with our fitting in 50 minutes flat. Designers like Vikram are experts at what they do, that’s why they’re legends of the fashion industry.” She also spoke highly of his collection and said, “His collection felt so unisex, that I wouldn’t mind wearing some of the men’s pieces, too. That is the success of his collection.”

Talking about her fashion evolution over the years, she said, “I’ve had a 0 to 100 journey. When I entered the film industry, I had no clue what fashion was. I grew up in an environment where clothes were really not that important to my life at all. It was the same for fitness and photographs. Fashion literally meant nothing to me. I had three T-shirts that I used to wear all the time. I learnt about fashion once I started getting photographed everyday. When you get famous, when people start noticing you, that’s when you get scrutinized. I was also overweight so I didn’t have access to the best of clothes at one point. The times weren’t so inclusive 10 to 15 years ago.”

Reflecting on the change in the world of fashion and in herself, Parineeti added, “I think the world evolved and so did I. Today I know the stuff that I want to wear and the kind of stuff that looks good on me. I blindly trust my stylists and designers because they know best. I feel I have definitely come into my own now.”

ETimes asked Parineeti for fashion advice that would benefit young fashionistas and she said, “Stop following social media blindly. Every body is different, every model is different, every actor is different and only you know what looks good on you. Please choose clothes and style that suit you and not what you think will work for society. If you’re comfortable it will show.”

Now those are golden words that stem from real-life experience.

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